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In addition, you can also run up walls. Even the biggest enemies, the Titans will withstand more than one hit, but once defeated will be led by Crash, who can take advantage of their power. This chapter also cases become very rare and seldom contain fruits Wumpa, in fact, often contain aura, which is useful for enhancing the ability of Crash.

Crash and his friends rest while Coco Butter finishes a recycler, she asks you from passing Crash Transvelupador A wrench purple , but when it picks Cortex Crash appears on your airship, which kidnaps Coco and Aku Aku. Crash Transvelupador keeps in his pocket and throws the recycler saving Aku Aku, but leaving in the middle of the jungle. Meanwhile, freezes, Crunch.

After saving Aku Aku, Crash it and go around the island defeating various creatures that appear in different areas of the island to rescue Coco and arrive just in a temple where there Aku Aku and Crash discover that Cortex and Uka -Uka are stealing Mojo, which Aku Aku tells Crash that should be related to those creatures that he and Crash were struggling. Then Crash and Aku Aku venture into the temple, where they face a battle against Cortex, but Crash defeats Cortex and Crash says he believes he has defeated, Uka-Uka all that mojo and took Coco and latest Cortex flees.

After coming to Tiny Tiger where a battle Crash faces, but he defeats him, which Tiny Tiger tells Crash and Aku Aku that Uka-Uka, has changed Cortex Nina His niece and I had the opportunity Crash beating but did not, Nina takes control, Cortex kidnaps and puts a mind control helmet Coco to build the Exterminator, a giant robot programmed to destroy Wumpa island.

Crash comes early to Uka Uka-Ray Evolvo using her to become a monster but Crash defeats, which flees. Finally Crash and Aku Aku reach Nina, where Coco and Cortex are captured by it, then when Nina sees Crash, tell them to call their creatures, where Cortex tells Crash that gives a lesson to her niece, also Coco Crash tells otherwise, which frees Nina Cortex saying to watch the robot reaches the Wumpa Island, then tells Coco that street which Nina battle with Crash faces using a robot to defeat Titan, but Crash defeat.

Coco tries to stop the Terminator, but can not without your Transvelupador, Crash has kept in his pocket and hands it and manage to stop it. While Cortex and Nina are in a ship-shaped UFO and Cortex promised his niece to be cruel, evil, you will have no mercy, and you will return to destroy the Bandicoots, but still going to punish, then disappear from view and the game ends.

Its gameplay is the story where you must spend a total of 20 episodes or levels, in which 5 of them in the end you have to beat a boss to progress well, you also have to collect blue spheres with black Mojo to Crash increasing skills and magic stones and get Titans to fight each other.

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Atari Lynx P. Atari P. Atari Jaguar P. Turbo Grafx CD P. While it might not be the jolt of quality that the Crash franchise needs, Crash of the Titans is still an enjoyable adventure all the same.

Crash of the Titans sees our hero, Crash Bandicoot , once again battling against the evil army of Doctor Cortex as he fights to protect his home of the Wumpa Islands. One day, while Crash is relaxing with his sister Coco and pal Crunch, Doctor Cortex invades the island, kidnapping Coco in the process. Hurrying after them, Crash eventually discovers Cortex and Uka Uka the voodoo mask attempting to siphon powerful Mojo energy from a temple within the forest.

There, Cortex unveils his master plan to overtake Wumpa Islands by using the Mojo to create powerful creatures known as Titans. With the help of the Titans, Cortex plans to create an enormous machine capable of dominating the world. As usual, it’s up to Crash to stop Cortex and save the world from utter chaos.

Although the perspective is a bit more modern than classic Crash Bandicoot games, the controls in Crash of the Titans feel mostly the same. Playing as Crash, you can run, spin, jump, and bounce your way around levels with fervent speed. Crash has a few new moves as well, including a hover move in the air, along with a wide range of combat abilities. Each area is bright, vivid, and full of colorful, brought to life by Crash’s excitable movement and speed.

A handful of power-ups make things even more intense, further amplifying your speed and strength in fun ways. You can even unlock bonus content such as concept art by finding hidden collectibles scattered throughout the game.


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