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Tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free. Tekla Structural Designer 2017 User Guide

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This version comes with a bunch of new features and many bug fixes. Compatibility We suggest that you complete any unfinished models using your current version of Tekla Structures.

This version is not backwards compatible. When you create or save a model in Tekla Structuresyou cannot open it in older versions due to database differences. Tekla Structures can only be installed on bit Windows operating systems. Tekla Structures See the hardware recommendations for more information. To temla which license server version gekla use with your current Tekla Structures version, see Which license server version to use.

Administrator’s release notes Advanced users should read the Tekla Structures administrator’s release notes for information on how to apply the additional customizations available in this release. Localization release notes Environment-specific changes are explained in the Localization release notes.

GUID is a permanent object property and can be used to identify objects reliably. The numerical object IDs are now tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free information in all model types, including single-user and multi-user models.

The ID number of the object may change when the model is reopened, or when the read in command is used in Tekla Model Sharing, and therefore the ID cannot be used as an object identifier in drawings, reports, and filters, for example. Saving backup copies of models You have a new pac, to save and http://replace.me/25894.txt a backup copy of your model.

The backup copy will have the same GUIDs globally unique identifiers as the original. Alternatively, you structurez create the same folder structure in your environment folder, under. For more information on custom tabs and company-level customizations, see Tekla Structures administrator’s release notes. More visual copying of object properties Now the mouse cursor changes into a paintbrush if the Copy properties command is active on the contextual toolbar.

Improvements in the contextual toolbar Tekla Structures contains many useful improvements for the contextual toolbar:. Click the view to see the related contextual toolbar. Then click the eye button to display a list of object types:. In the right-hand. The left-hand list contains view filters. Tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free right-hand list contains color tekoa transparency settings for model objects.

Click the small triangle symbol to show or hide the options:. Switching tooltips on or off You can now choose whether tooltips should be visible or not. Under Switches, select or clear the Tooltips check sercice. A new version of the Нажмите для деталей Structures multi-user server is now available. In addition to IPv4, this version of the multi-user server also supports connections over IPv6.

Tekla Warehouse offline content available as. Tekla Warehouse offline content is not any more installed teklz the same time as the Tekla Structures software. This makes installing the Tekla Structures software strcutures faster than before.

When installing the Tekla Structures software, you can now select in the installation wizard whether Tekla Warehouse offline content. Stductures you select to include the offline strhctures, the. You can remove the. Note that if you do not include the offline content when installing the Tekla Freee software, you can download the offline content later from Tekla Warehouse.

New version of Tekla Structures multi-user server Tekla Pxck multi-user server 2. We recommend the new server version for all users of the Tekla Structures multi-user system. Previously, when you edited a drawing in a multi-user model, the drawing lock was sometimes not cleared and the drawing appeared to be locked after saving the tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free. In addition, a warning message was shown to other users of the model even though they saved the model.

This does not happen structkres. IPv6 is usually supported in up-to-date hardware and operating systems, and often already activated and configured tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free well. IPv6 is installed as a software upgrade in most devices and operating systems.

With the current transition methods, it is possible to gradually start using IPv6 in parallel with the IPv4. See the image below for an example of a network using the IPv6 protocol.

In the image, the numbers indicate the following: 1. Internet 2. Internet connection 3. ISP router 4. Firewall 5. Router 6. Workstation switch. Server switch 8. Tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free connection. The highlights include improvements in selecting and snapping, several improvements in direct modification, and further development that helps you modify the bent plates created using the new bent plate feature introduced in Tekla Structures i.

We have also revised the help materials on filtering, so if filtering struxtures seemed confusing so far, it may pay off to read through some of the new instructions and examples. For example, you can select reinforcing bars even if they are hidden behind the surface tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free the tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free area in the image of a nearby object:. This has been changed so that temla to points and lines is enabled by default. If you temporarily want to disable snapping to points and wervice, press the Shift key.

The command becomes available on the contextual toolbar when you select a point or line handle. With line handles, you can use the Move in parallel direction and Move in. In plane views, the handles always stay in the view plane even if the Move in 3D command is switched on. This can be tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free when working with a sloped roof, for example.

Click the Move in selected plane button on the contextual toolbar, select a part plane, and then drag the handle to a new location.

The handle can be moved in the selected plane only. Click the button to show the options, and then click the eye button to show or hide dimensions:. These visibility options are available for parts, cuts, construction objects, and rebar sets. Tekla Structures remembers the visibility setting when you create or open a new model, or restart Tekla Structures. Drag the адрес and type the distance.

When you start typing. Dimensions may be moved to another side of the part, for example:. In the following example, the perpendicular red dimensions are visible in the previous version of Tekla Structures but hidden in Tekla Structures Previously, these settings were located structured the Options dialog http://replace.me/11691.txt, under Mouse settings.

Also new snap options for the Ortho tool twkla been added:. A tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free decrease in the width between the parts. This is the default option. Constant width between the parts. The width is determined by the narrowest part. The width is determined by structuress widest part.

When you click the green selection handle of the section you want frwe modify, the direct modification handles of the selected section become visible:. For example:. Custom Inquiry is now available in the strructures pane. Click the button in seevice side pane to view model object properties using Custom Srructures.

Custom Inquiry works in the same way as before, only the user interface has been slightly improved. For more information, see Custom inquiry and How to use the side pane. Use Allowed penetration volume to define an allowed clash check tolerance if small collisions are acceptable serfice tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free be ignored. Enter the tolerance in the current volume units. If the clashing volume in the model is smaller than the given value, for example 1 mm3, then the clash is not reported.

For example, you больше на странице use this command to examine structues parts are cut structufes welded correctly. Select a part. Click Display detailing on the contextual toolbar. For steel parts, Tekla Structures displays all parts, bolts, welds, cuts, fittings, and other details belonging to the assembly, even if you had defined them as hidden in the display settings.

For concrete parts, Tekla Structures displays also reinforcement, surface treatment, and surfaces. Documentation updates for filtering The instructions for the filtering functionality have now been revised, as requested by many of our readers. Please tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free that the functionality itself has not been changed. The instructions now contain detailed information about the various object properties that you can use in filter rules.

Also more information on how to frew conditions and brackets have been included. All example filters have been checked and improved to contain more complex filter rules, brackets, and so on. We recommend you to diagnose and repair tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free.



Tekla structures 2017 service pack 6 free. Tekla Structures Release Notes 2017 PDF


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