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Preset and customizable keyboard shortcuts in After Effects

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Modify Layer Properties. There is no better option to speed up the graphics workflow other shirtcuts getting a faster computer. Fortunately you can use the J and K keyboard shortcuts to immediately jump to the next visible keyframe. Enter free-transform mask editing mode. Open View Options dialog box for active Composition panel. Set marker at current time works during preview and audio-only preview. Extend or reduce selection by one line aftrr or down in horizontal text.

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Crazy Shortcut May 21, Crazy Shortcut. Crazy Shortcut helps you to be more productive by using Shortcuts and optimising your skills. We are helping our viewers to use your skills to the fullest. List of 1Password Shortcuts For Windows. Move selected layers down in stacking order. Extend selection to next item in the project panel.

Extend selection to the previous item in the project panel. Open or close Effect controls panel for selected layer. Activate Brush, Clone stamp and Eraser tools. D e lete all effects from selected Layers. Apply most recently applied effect to selected Layers. Apply most recently applied animation preset to selected Layers. Scroll topmost selected Layer to top of Timeline Panel. Turn off V ideo switch for all video Layers other than selected Layers. Split selected Layers If no Layers are selected, split all Layers.

Open Effec t Controls Panel for selected Layers. R everse selected Layers in time. Enable t ime remapping for selected Layers. Double-click effect selection in Effects and Presets Panel. Add an effect or multiple selected effects to selected Layers. Move selected Layers so that their InPoint is at beginning of Composition. Move selected Layers so that their OutPoint is at end of Composition. Toggle expansion of selected Layers to show all properties.

Toggle expansion of property group and all child property groups to show all properties. Show only Audio L evels property. Show only Mask F eather property. Show only M ask Path property. Show only Opaci t y property for lights and Intensity. Show only Mask Opaci t y property. Show only R otation and Orientation properties. Show only Time R emap property. Show only instances of missing e ff ects.

Show only E ffects property group. Show only m ask property groups. Show only M a terial Options property group. Show only p aint strokes, Roto Brush strokes, and Puppet pins. Show only s elected properties and groups. Add or remove property or group from set that is shown.

Toggle expansion of selected effects to show all properties. Open Auto- O rientation dialog box for selected Layers. Open O pacity dialog box for Layers. Open R otation dialog box for Layers. Open P osition dialog box for Layers.

Modify Scale, constrained to Footage Frame aspect ratio. Scale and reposition Layers to f it Composition. Move the camera and its point of interest to look at selected 3D Layers. Look at selected 3D Layers with a camera Tool selected. Select a ll visible Keyframes and properties.

Deselect a ll Keyframes, properties, and property groups. Set interpolation for selected K eyframes. Set Keyframe interpolation method to h old or Auto Bezier.

Set Keyframe interpolation method to linear or Auto Bezier. Align horizontal text C enter. Align horizontal text R ight align. Decrease or increase font size of selected text by 2 units. Decrease or increase font size of selected text by 10 units. Move selected path points 1 pixel at current magnification. Move selected path points 10 pixels at current magnification. Open Mask F eather dialog box. Set paint foreground color to black and background to white.

Set foreground color to the color currently under any Paint Tool pointer. Set foreground color to the average color of a 4×4 pixel area under any Paint Tool pointer. Hold Shift while beginning stroke. Set starting sample point to point currently under Clone Stamp Tool pointer. Move earlier or later by number of Frames specified for stroke Duration.


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Show only s elected properties and groups. While working with layers, you will constantly have to move, scale and rotate them to position them exactly where you want them to be. Select all visible keyframes and properties. Activate a specific Clone Dhortcuts tool preset.


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