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Fostering Effective Energy Transition is identifying the Real World energy challenges like Carbon neutralizing, we collaborate solutions to create a sustainable tomorrow.


Energy Sustainability

Energy management is critical regarding our approach to slowing down climate change. There has never been a more critical time to address the energy economy.

The demand for energy globally is currently growing at a rate of 1.4% annually, with significant growth being seen in developing countries of 2.65%, based on reports produced by the World Council. So the demand to reduce the on energy and emission is increasing, but the faster we are reducing the emission levels, we are increasing it with the growth of demand across the world.

More energy experts and enthusiast require to bring awareness to the industries to reverse this growth and make our planet a better place to live.

Energy Services

To Turn down the tides Unimation Energy Offers

Building Intelligent Management System

Building Intelligent Management System

Improve indoor air quality and reduce operational costs with an IoT Building Intelligent Management System with an attractive ROI.
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Energy Savings for your needs

Smart Retrofits

Energy Savings for your needs

The Air Conditioners and Lightings causes
50-80% of the total consumption. The demand for HVAC will increase by six times in 2035. Leap in to know more about potential saving with an impeccable ROI.
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Smart Water Management

Smart Water Management

Water is the main natural resource for all human beings, yet it is the most wasted resource by people and one of the most difficult to manage.
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Custom IoT Solutions

Custom IoT Solutions

We develop, deploy, and operate IoT systems for global Fortune 500 companies and large private organizations. Learn about our Cutting-edge
IoT operations to improve your business.
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Energy Triangle​

Energy efficiency transition framework

Economic development, growth and environmental sustainability, energy security, access and accessibility indicators and the degree of readiness to transition to safe, sustainable, affordable and inclusive energy systems.

Increasing Climate change and Energy crisis

Low water security, air pollution and a whole host of other climate and environmental issues affect the almost every region on Earth. So to reflect the rising sense of urgency of climate change, and we have refreshed some the indicators to use available data more effectively at a time when the pressure is on to act boldly and decisively for the interests of long-term global sustainability.

Countries like India by the current Govt. policies study says that our cooling load will increase by 6 times in 2050. We stress that the transition to clean energy must be consolidated and included in economic, political and social practices to guarantee sustainable development.

An Energy Intelligent Solution

“Energy savings are realized through enhanced visibility. Data visibility drives appropriate energy saving actions, thereby achieving organizational objectives.”

Our intelligent energy management system is designed to optimize energy consumption thereby improving utilization, reducing costs, predicting maintenance needs, and increasing the reliability of energy assets. It meticulously acquires energy data which can enable enterprises to illustrate dynamic performance against defined targets to identify deviations. This in turn, will ensure well managed and controlled operation to deliver the most energy & emission efficient level of productivity.

ESCO Financing or OPEX Model

Unimation Energy as an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) is a model where an Energy Services Company (ESCO) achieves energy savings at a property or portfolio of properties as a service. This model guarantees savings for a set period of time in exchange for payment from the energy cost savings.

ESCO’s operates by providing a savings guarantee, risk management in the implementation of the energy efficiency projects and also perform measurement and verification activities to quantify actual energy savings post implementation of energy efficiency projects etc.

We offer the customer with a guaranteed level of energy savings and by saving electricity with a reliable source of revenue. EPC’s typically last from three to 7 years, depending on the measures implemented.


Eco Friendly + Economical Friendly Company

We Are Building A Sustainable Future

By addressing the issue we at Unimation Energy committed to reach a more positive transition, and a greener and more sustainable transformation in the environmental sustainability dimension, especially in reducing the density of energy, decreasing the density of carbon in the energy blend.

Unimation Energy makes this process seamless and profitable from day one.

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