Smart Water Management

Identify commercial loss points in distribution. See heat zones on treated water loss, use artificial intelligence to cross-check statistical data and help save the natural resource for the future.

The Digital Enterprise portfolio for the water and waste water industry.

Water is the most valuable resource on our planet. That’s why efficiency and quality are top priorities for the water industry. These goals are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve as the expense of providing clean water grows in many regions, while at the same time operations have to be as efficient and economical as possible. The consistent, end-to-end digitalization of plants and processes helps the water and waste water industry meet these challenges.

The intelligent linking of data from different sources like sensors, water meters  and weather data is creating new opportunities to use water more efficiently – and therefore more sustainably – in industry, agriculture, and municipal utilities. A precondition is the end-to-end networking of system engineering, from commissioning to operation and maintenance.

Results in reduce incalculable costs during the construction phase and ongoing operating costs.

Water Saver Products List

Water Saving Aerators/Adaptors

Reduce water wastage up to 80 % by installing  aerators. With no compromise on rinse-ability you can save water daily.

Neo Water Flow Restrictors (NFR)

Ideal for Showers, taps and health Faucet guns, restrictors are tamper/vandal/theft proof fixtures.

Water Saving Showers

Bathing constitutes to average 30% of water usage at home.  showers are smartly designed to ensure powerful water flow.

Green Toilet Bank Flush Tank Water Savers

Economical, maintenance free ‘Green Toilet Bank’ is very easy method to save water on toilet flushes, they can save you up to 2 liters of water in each flush.

Smart Water ​Management Solution

Smart water system is no longer out of reach. It provides easy integration, benefit by efficiently conserving and using water, energy and money. Smart water management solution will monitor the quality and quantity of the water distributed to every building integrated with the power if IOT (internet of things) Solution.

Smart water management solution is built as a complete remote water management system merged with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) solution. With technology, we aim to revolutionize water management system for generations to come.

Classified role of IoT

in water industry

The IoT helps the water industry to attain its goals easily and unites all the systems including raw water, treatment plants, utility companies, etc. IoT technology stands at its peak position and still now, no other technology has replaced it. This one has been provided transparency, real-time monitoring, automation of human power, etc.

Applications in Water Management​

Manufacturing Units
Institutions / Organizations
Smart Cities
Sewage Water Treatment/ Desalination plants
Effluent Treatment plants
Multi Residential Apartments
High Rise Commercial Buildings
Malls/ Theatres

Benefits of Water Management

Our Specialization

A detailed analysis

You can monitor analyze and get the reports of various information of water flow, pressure and flow rate in the different pipelines through out the infrastructures.

Monitor from anywhere

If you have moved to another country or out of the station and forgot to close the tap, do not worry. With our technology you can immediately shut off the water supply.

Control of each Inlet

You can be cautious about water usage pattern at each consumption in both residential and industrial areas. Reducing water usage and saving can be done at the fingertips.

Automatic Billing

There is no need for collating or monthly meter reading, bills are automatically generated and sent seamlessly.

24/7 support team

Our dedicated support team is available at any time to help you and solve the issues instantly.

Instant notification on leakages

In case if there is any leakage, the connected devices raise an alarm signal immediately.