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Cut your AC Bills upto 35%.

Airtron AC Saver is world’s first & only Programmable Energy Saver, with Dual Sensors

The Airtron’s dual sensors trakes reference of the room temperature and also the coil temperature for the reduction of the compressor Run-Time using multiple algorithms in a “closed-loop circuit”, hence high energy saving is achieved while maintaining and displaying the Set Temprature accuretly.The Airtron is programmable for your geographical location and climate and adapts automatically to changes in season and ambient conditions.

Airtron will be as effective where 10hrs+ operation of Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners
Labor Camps
Server Room
Workplace Areas
UPS Room/Battery Room


Motion Sensor

Motion Sensors for all Existing Lights/Lamps.

Motion Sensors are equipped with the ultimate motion detection technology and are available in a wide range of configurations comprising various detection ranges and different mounting parameters.

The ultra modern motion sensors are designed for a plethora of applications in offices, showrooms, multi apartment complexes, shopping malls, warehouses and residence. Area of expertise were

Smart Street Lighting Solutions are designed to offer efficient lighting and to automatically manage energy saving in street light’s.

Lamps with Inbuilt motion sensor. Smart Lights are capable of saving energy up to 70% when customized according to such requirements.

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Motion Sensor can be used in

Home / Residence
Shopping Malls
Industries/ Warehouses
Car Parking