Building Intelligent Management System

Make your building work for you and Saving Millions for you and future.

An IoT-Powered Building Intelligent Management Solution

We offer a vertically-integrated smart building solution that includes wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based software delivering analytics and predictive, proactive building automation right out-of-the-box.

The average person spends 92% of their day indoors. Indoor Air Quality Management (IAQM) is an essential process to determine the level of contaminants present in indoor air and predictively and proactively optimize airflow while minimizing wasted energy costs via occupancy sensors, modeling and air quality data, demand control ventilation, outside air economizing, and other tools.

Control, Monitor & Analyze Out-of-the-Box

Take control of your commercial building indoor environments, pro-actively eliminating hot and cold spots before they occur, improving air quality and saving energy, regardless of which heating or cooling systems you have.

A System in Balance

Your building is dynamic. That’s why we created a smart solution which uses the Internet of Things and cloud computing to predict, analyze, monitor and control your building’s hot and cold spots before they occur.

By continually monitoring a room’s needs, analyzing incoming data, and controlling what goes in and out, our system effectively manages your building’s energy loads. This prevents thermal discomfort by eliminating temperature imbalances, regardless of which heating or cooling system you have. The process saves money and energy, In fact up to 50% on your HVAC and Lighting energy bills! By taking into considering of 625 parameters at a moment.

Key benefits of advanced rooftop technology

Save Energy

Ready to save? Our predictive, intelligent system can reduce energy costs by up to 50%. View and manage your energy usage in real-time through our web and mobile apps.

Quick Payback

Our smart technology allows you to make better use of your resources. Lower installation costs and massive savings from reduced energy use results in a typical ROI of under 3 years.

Non-Disruptive Install

Closing your business to install new equipment costs time and money. Our wireless devices can be quickly retrofitted to existing equipment for an easy and low-cost installation.

Improve Air Quality

Our system knows when to take advantage of outside air to provide free cooling and improve the health and well-being of your staff and guests. Take a deep breath and
say, ahh.

Increase Comfort

Your smartphone knows when it's going to rain – shouldn't your Building Automation System? We track things like weather and room occupancy to regulate your space and ensure comfort all year round.


Our smart solution begins learning the behavior of your building from the moment it is installed. Maximize energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

Improve Indoor Air Quality through Demand Controlled Ventilation

Unimation Energy  uses COlevels to determine the amount of outside air that should be brought into a space to maintain an optimal indoor air quality.

The system will automatically and incrementally open the outside air damper calculated based on either the return air CO2, or individual spaces using a Trim and Respond system. This applies to both heating and cooling in ‘Occupied Mode’.

Harness the power of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) and discover how smart HVAC and building automation controls can make your commercial building work for you and your occupants! Take advantage of smart building products, including HVAC and advanced lighting solutions, that predict, monitor and manage the needs of your building portfolio. Whether you are looking to optimize comfort and productivity, increase energy efficiency or gain insight, our easily-deployed solutions eliminate inefficiencies, provide precise temperature control, improve air quality and bolster your bottom line, right out of the box!

Centralized Energy Insights Benefits